Timing Chewing Gum In Pakistan


Made: Germany
Quantity: 2 Stips * 20 pieces
No Side Effects
Type :Male Enhancement


Buy Timing Chewing Gum In Pakistan

Many Men don’t like to take any tablet for increase her sex timing they thought these medicine are not effective and after usage sex timing tablet they gets many side effects for those men who want to increase her sex timing without taking any tablet. HerbalCase provide timing Chewing Gum when you want to do sex just take 1 bubble and you will be amazed

How To Use Timing Bubble Gum

Before 15 mint sex just take 1 bubble this will allow you to increase you sex timing up to 20+ mints without any side effects

Benefits of Timing Chewing Gum

  1. Provide long Sexual Timing up to 40 mints
  2. Boost your Enhancement power up to 36 hours
  3. Increase Your Standing Power


Sex Chewing Gum For Men In Pakistan Contains 16 Pieces. It Enhances The Stamina And Quantity Of Libido In Men. Buy Chewing Gum And Bubble Gum Online After Taking It Your Time Will Increase From 35 To 50 Min Depends Upon Men To Men. The Sufficient Amount Of Libido Feel You Young Again And You Can Satisfy Your Partner.

Invigorating biting gum improves blood course in the pelvic zone, enlarges veins, weakens blood, takes out thickening and poor section. Upgrades the sentiment of sexual want.

Often a pleasant evening in the company with a beautiful girl for most men ends in a fiasco. No, it’s not because of the man’s lack of strength, just his potential partner is, that’s said, not in the spirit and just does not want sex. But this problem can be solved, the girl just needs a little help … Modern pharmacology has a very extensive development in the production of drugs that qualitatively change sexual relations. Drugs that promise full and radical changes in sexual life appear every day. How does the stimulating chewing gum SEX GUM work? But not all drugs are really effective, however, the Sex Gum chewing gum is a completely different preparation that consists only of components that are produced by nature. Chewing gum is made from such ingredients, which together, acting on the body, create a powerful wave of excitement that sweeps the man and woman whole, giving pleasure to intimacy. Sex din – gum for excitement, which will give a night of unforgettable and colorful sensations. Only one chewing gum before sexual intercourse will make a love night colorful, saturated and insane for both partners.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ayaan Ali

    yar kamal ki product hein ye timing bhoot achi is sy

  2. 5 out of 5


    Good product

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